Перший економічно-гуманітарний форум Ukrainian ID відкрив реєстрацію учасників


Ukrainian ID
The first edition of International Economic and Humanitarian Forum Ukrainian ID will kick-start on July 7th in Kaniv, initiated by Ukrainian Humanitarian Development Foundation.

Forum’s President Nataliia Zabolotna stated that the establishing of own discussion platform at the model of the World Economic Forum in Davos is a crucial task for Ukraine and its international partners. As the new world agenda is being drafted right in front of our eyes, Ukraine can either join the team of its designers or be pushed back to economic, humanitarian, cultural and social periphery.

As noted by John Herbst, ex-ambassador of the USA to Ukraine (2003-2006) and current Director of Atlantic Council’s Eurasia Center, Ukraine is still in a transition from an authoritarian political system and a corrupt, clan capitalism that arose after the collapse of the Soviet Union :

“But a thorough, comprehensive view of the circumstances and the dynamics of Ukraine’s reform efforts leads to an assessment that is eventually positive.”

“Ukrainian ID should become a platform on which future visions for the whole world and for Ukraine will be created. After years of military conflict and severe economic trials, but at the same time, after a completely new international perception of Ukraine and the rise of civil society, our country cannot afford to return to the position that we occupied five years ago. The reforms are being slowed down, the political future becomes too uncertain, dependence on decisions taken for Ukraine without its participation becomes pathological. But Ukraine, as the largest country in Europe, must be an equal partner among the States that form the global discourse. It must be the producer of innovations, the boldest and most effective transformations in the economy and the humanitarian field! It is for this purpose that we gather in Kaniv, a symbolic city for Ukrainian history, a powerful team of world opinion leaders who will create a plan for tomorrow. They will create a road map for Ukraine, Europe and the world “, - said Nataliia Zabolotna.

The Ukrainian ID project is designed as the main economic and humanitarian platform for discussions in Eastern Europe, and among the main objectives of the event is the involvement of international investors in Ukraine, and Kaniv in particular.

As noted by Natalia Jaresko, one of the key speakers of the Forum, the Minister of Finance of Ukraine in 2014-2016:

“Countries emerging from the crisis, usually run to their goal. This race - it’s all about it. I believe that this was the case with us after the Maidan. And now we are not running to our goal, but we are going. And I would like Ukraine to re-gain momentum and run into full force “(“Novoye vremya”).

“There is no doubt that there cannot be a successful economy in a country where society is suffering from a humanitarian default. A country without a culture is only a territory, and the territory is easy to seize. Ukraine should be independent de facto. That is why we are focusing greatly on the humanitarian component of our forum “, - stressed the Ukrainian ID initiator Nataliia Zabolotna.

The Forum is divided into five topical panels: Economy ID, Community ID, Human Security ID, Culture ID, Technology ID. It is also planned to conduct several strategic round tables, notably – the meeting with international investors on the perspectives of investing into Ukrainian infrastructure and #SOSfuture event on preservation of Ukrainian cultural heritage.

Diane Francis, editor-at-large of National Post, noted, that Ukraine possesses outstanding scientific traditions that are demanded today in the global economy:

“Space program, scientific, defense developments in Soviet times were created by Ukrainians in Ukraine. It was “Silicon Valley”! That’s why local specialists had to take only a small step to become part of the sphere of technical progress that is now blasting around the world “(from the interview to “Hromadske Radio”).

The Forum will host the Ukrainian ID Awards ceremony. The prize will annually distinguish those laureates who have made a significant contribution to the development of the economy, the humanization of society and the enhancement of cultural capital.

In parallel with the Ukrainian ID in Kaniv, the interdisciplinary cultural festival “Doba Shevchenka” will take place on July 7 and 8, which should become a prologue for Kaniv’s transformation into the center of international cultural tourism.

Within the framework of the Forum, it is also planned to hold a special event “Kaniv unite”, which will discuss the political future of Ukraine in the light of the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections in 2022.

Participating in discussions with world leaders and becoming a part of the development of a roadmap for Ukraine and the world is possible by becoming a participant of the Ukrainian ID. Registration in the Forum is open as of May 21st.

To register at the Forum: www.ukr-id.com

Forum’s moderators and speakers:

    • Ambassador John Herbst (director, Atlantic Council’s Eurasia Center)
    • Diane Francis (Editor-at-large, National Post, investor into Ukrainian IT-cluster)
    • Natalie Jaresko (Ex-Finance Minister of Ukraine, Executive Director of the Financial Oversight & Management Board for Puerto Rico)
    • Costa Vayeans (Government Advisor of Switzerland on Digital Democracy)
    • Myroslava Gongadze (chief, “Voice of America” Ukrainian service)
    • Christopher Dickey (world news editor, The Daily Beast)
    • Volodymyr Omelian (Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine)
    • Roman Waschuk (Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Canada to Ukraine)
    • Morgan Williams (president, U.S. – Ukraine Business Council)
    • Kadie Ward (senior advisor, PLEDDG Project)
    • Anna Nemtsova (correspondent , The Daily Beast, Newsweek)
    • Vladyslav Troyitsky (director, founder of “Dakh Theater” & GogolFest)
    • Ivan Malkovych (publisher, founder & CEO of A-ba-ba-ga-la-ma-ga publishing house)
    • James Brooke (Chief Editor, Ukraine Business News)

The list of Forum’s speakers and partners is constantly updating, stay in touch!

ORGANIZER: Ukrainian Humanitarian Development Foundation
STRATEGIC PARTNERS: Kaniv City Council, Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
SUPPORT: Embassy of Canada in Ukraine, Mission of the EU to Ukraine, U.S. – Ukraine Business Council
PARTNERS: Bohdan Hawrylyshyn Family Foundation, Ukrainian Institute for the Future
MEDIAPARTNERS: Pryamiy channel, 112 Ukraine, Liga Business Inform, Business Radio Group, Delo, Ukrainian Business News, Mind.Ua, Business Magazine, Pragmatika, Art Ukraine.