Будинок Миколи Леонтовича у Шершнях буде відновлено На конкурсі проектів з реновації будинку легендарного композитора обрано переможця

The winner of the contest is a renown architect Oleksii Semyrog-Orlyk. His project foresees the conservation of the house in the most authentic form due to light building materials and glass that will defend the building from environmental effects. The base of the building will be reinforced, its flooring will be changed, and the walls will be cleaned up by sandblasting.

The project further foresees the erection of the open air music theater - Leontovych Heart Open Air for 350 spectators and the school with artistic and music specialization for local kids.

Artistic and concert infrastructure, proposed by the architect, will allow to receive considerable flows of tourists and develop Shershni village as a direction of cultural tourism of Ukraine and Europe.

“Mykola Leontovych is an incredible part of Ukrainian identification. Provided that his heritage will be conscientiously preserved and developed, Shershni village could become a destination for cultural pilgrimage of Leontovych’s admirers from all-over the world. The rescue of his house in its turn could become a historical case of how the civil society is acting to save the past and the future of its country from political ignorance and inertness”, - stated Nataliia Zabolotna, president of the Ukrainian Humanitarian Development Foundation.
She also announced the names of those who supported the project of rescue and renovation of the house: “I would like to thank all, who joined this cause by word and by deed. In December 2022, we’ve opened a fundraiser #Leontovych_Heart, whose conditions preview a Philanthropist status for those who gave 10 000 UAH and more. Their names will be stamped on the memorial tablet once the renovation is completed. Meanwhile, we publish their names with deep feeling of gratitude”.

Volodymyr Fedonchuk
Igor Kryvetskyi
Olga and Dmytro Bondarenko
Oleg Bundanov
Valentyna and Hanna Butkevych
Hanna Khrytsiuta
Taras Demkura
Inna Kostyria
Zoya Lytvyn
Hanna Ohrynchuk
Olga Oleksenko
Liudmyla Pyshna
Gennadiy Romanenko
Svitlana Tymokhova
Dmytro Khromov
Oleksandr Shlapak
Volodymyr Shpylfogel
Tetyana Jaroshenko

Ukrainian Humanitarian Development Foundation started the fundraising to save the house of Mykola Leontovych last year. To date, it has been raised nearly 350 000 UAH. One hundred thousand of them will be paid to Oleksii Semyrog-Orlyk as a prize for the contest.

The fundraising is under way! The banking details for donations:

    ГО “Фонд гуманітарного розвитку України”
    ЄДРПОУ 32959952
    Р/р №26005589234 в АТ “Райффайзен Банк Аваль”
    МФО 380805
    NGO Ukrainian Humanitarian Development Foundation
    ID: 32959952
    Account Number: 26005589234
    Bank: Raiffeisen Bank Aval
    Bank ID: 380805

Ukrainian Humanitarian Development Foundation – NGO created in 2022. The first large-scale project is # SOSмайбутнє (SOS Future) platform, dedicated to conservation of historical and cultural sites, as well as modern cultural and humanitarian infrastructure: museums, art schools, sport clubs and so on. The civil register of such sites in need has been created by 3000 volunteers from all-over Ukraine.
Nataliia Zabolotna, president – civil activist, Honored artist of Ukraine. In 2010-2016, she headed “Mystetskyi Arsenal” that became a leading artistic institution during that period. In 2016 she founded “Art Ukraine Gallery”, in 2022 – founded and headed Ukrainian Humanitarian Development Foundation. She also presides Economic and Humanitarian Forum Ukrainian ID that will be held firstly in July 2022 in Kaniv city.